Getting started with Project Plus

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To simply install Microsoft Project pro 2019 follow the below guide.

If you have been sent your code, please follow the guide below.

If you have been told to contact customer support after your purchase, you can always come back to this page as soon as you have your product key.

1) Head on over to or click here 
2) Sign in to the account you wish to assign the license too
(if you have not got an account, just create yours now)
3) Enter the product key you have purchased.
(If you need to find this, head on back to your order page that should be still open, or check your email)
4) Select your region and language and click next
5) Now you will see the confirmation the code is accepted for project professional

Now you can download the program.
(If the download does not start, make sure your popup blocker is not blocking it)
(this will download but look like its installing office, but don't worry, its just part of the suite and should not be confused with office)

6) Open up the download and install the software.
7) After installation open Project professional and activate by online method.
(if activation fails online, which is very unlikely, you can click activate by phone method)
If you need to activate via phone, please see this guide, even though the guide is for office, its exactly the same method for activating project pro by phone.

Any questions, please let us know by contacting us via our support page.