Legal Information

Microsoft official re-seller  

Lizosoft is an official authorised Microsoft re-seller with full authority to re-sell Microsoft's products and services. 
We are also fully approved to use Microsoft's logos and branded work.
Lizosoft offer a free of charge help center for customers to comply with section General Restrictions 1 (d) of the Microsoft re-seller agreement.

You can view our re-seller agreement with Microsoft below.
Please note: Lizosoft does not give any permission to download or modify this file. Due to confidential information some of the document has been blacked out.


Lizosoft has also taken the anti corruption course as required by Microsoft to comply with our re-seller agreement.
You can view this here here

Our pricing on Fully Packaged Software must remain within the guidelines of Microsoft to promote a fair and regulated market.
Lizosoft can offer discounts on reclaimed/refurbished licenses.
We can also lower the pricing on our own products.

Legal Information regarding the sale of USB drives.

Lizosoft create and re-sell its own USB drives which is clearly printed in Lizosoft packaging.
The box does not contain any references to Microsoft.
The USB drive contains Lizosoft logo on one side and the other side contains the name of the product.
Any logos on the drive is to name the product only.
The Offline installers are available free to download online and we supply this on the drive.
The drives are designed for customers who constantly need to install Windows or Office products.
It is offered to create a more professional look to the customers clients.
Product keys are not supplied with the USB drives.
Customers are required to purchase this through our website where they have the option to acquire a reclaimed key or a new key.
This is to comply with Microsoft use agreement as product keys can not be printed.
We have no copyright on our drives as the software is free from Microsoft.
We offer a returns policy with a 25.00 GBP restocking fee and the customer is required to pay the return postage.

Reclaimed licenses or refurbished product keys.

Lizosoft offer these product keys taken from discontinued PC units.
They can never depreciate, they are in-fact the same as when they were new.
Although we can legally sell these for the full retail price we choose not to.
We run a large discount of these keys as we believe it allows customers a nice incentive to move from lynx to Windows.
The product keys are sourced from European businesses upgrading there equipment.
As the product keys are tied to the old motherboards they normally die with the hardware.
However this is no longer the case, we can now legally reclaim that license and re-register it to another motherboard one last time.
It can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to reclaim a product key from a PC unit registered as discontinued.

You can see the full court transcripts from the official European Court here


As a Microsoft re-seller we have authority to refurbish product keys from discontinued and obsolete PC hardware.

This law only exists in the EU and UK and no where else.
We always encourage customers to purchase the full priced version where possible.
We also make it clear that everyone should be available to purchase Windows or Office and offer a refurbished license to do just that.
Please do not confuse "lizosoft" with other websites offering similar products or services.

Office 365 can be purchased on a subscription basis from monthly to yearly.
We also can create an official "account for 1, 3 or 5 years.
Retail and education editions available to schools, colleges and students.
Temporary Office 365 access available to Children under 16 from low income communities free of charge during Covid 19 pandemic.
These are 3 month accounts only which are ideal for homework and homeschooling.


Lizosoft will never make available for sale anything marked "not for re-sale" by Microsoft.
If Lizosoft inquire any "not for re-sale" products they will be made available free of charge to regular customers.
Lizosoft respect any of Microsoft intellectual Property and we will quickly make any recommendations to our business model if required.