If you have problems activating Windows 10 click here.
If your trying to activate Office 2016 please click here.
If your trying to install 2019 then click here.

If your trying to activate Office 365 please see here

If you have the message "The product has reached the maxuimn number of activation's" then you will simply need to activate this via phone.
This is common and Microsoft have activation centers for this very reason.
Some license are refurnished meaning they are no longer required and can be re-sold once more.
Large organisations now have the ability to retail there old licenses to re-coup some of the costs when they are no longer required.
We purchase these through our portal and deactivate them making them available for sale at a hugely discounted rate.
Phone activation is required on some product keys if the process is still pending, once phone activation is complete the license is then transferred to your PC and assigned to your PC motherboard.
The license then belongs to yourself and can not be used again.
If you format the PC and the motherboard is not removed then it can be simply re-installed. License keys requiring phone verification are marked as such on our website but this still means that online activation's may still require phone verification depending on your country and other factors.